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The Brotherhood of the Snake (topic)
Last night (8/17/12), I was watching Alien-Earth on History 2 Channel. The program was floating the hypothesis of cult leaders possibly being led through evil extraterrestrial telepathy. One of the things they mentioned - not in a...
Public Forum

Brad Watson

08/18/12 08:44:59
"He that hath ears to hear, let him hear" - Jesus referring to those initiated in the 'ancient Mysteries' (topic)
Jesus the Nazarene (Nazirite?) was initiated into and was a teacher of the ancient Mystery traditions of Egypt, India, Tibet, Persia, Greece, Roma, the Celts, and of course the Hebrews. He taught the truths that these ancient Mysteries...
Public Forum

Brad Watson

07/25/12 17:23:54
'God particle' discovered on July 4th and GOD=7_4, 'coincidence'? (topic)
Higgs boson: a subatomic particle whose existence is predicted by the theory that unified the weak and electromagnetic interactionsIt's quite a 'coincidence' that the announcement of the Higgs boson - the 'GOD particle' - would come...
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Brad Watson

07/05/12 14:34:47
Why do Jews write G-d? (topic)
Most non-Jews don't even realize that devout Jews write 'G-d' instead of 'God' or 'GOD'. (Also, 'L-rd' instead of 'Lord'.) Why? (A) It's believed to be disrespectful to put G-d on paper or digital format. I don't share in that belief....
Public Forum

Brad Watson

06/07/11 18:50:20